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Barbara D Morris

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Live Dealer Casino

Top 2 Uncommon Live Dealer Casino Games

Online casinos have given gamblers the opportunity to explore more games and variations to their favorite game as well. The convenience adds a lot more serenity to the gambling nights, and many gamblers thoroughly enjoy that. But online casinos do not stand a chance with the land-based casinos in the factor of ambience. The land-based casinos do not offer the same range of games. Online casinos cannot offer you the same level of fun, which is the main factor that drives people to gamble.

Live dealer casino games are the only option for these gamblers to choose if they want something remotely close to the experience in a land-based casino. Baccarat, roulette, and blackjack are the most common games that are provided in the live dealer format. They are also available in the digital version, making them the typical games for a gambler’s night of entertainment. Not all casinos can afford to offer a variety in the live dealer section because new games aren’t always received well. But the best online casinos take that step to set out a path for these unique games top thrive. Some games have been provided for the sole purpose of lifting the live dealer experience to a whole new level. Here are a few such games that not many people might have heard of.

Dream Catcher

1.      Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a game that most gamblers might not have heard of, and it comes as no surprise because most of them prefer to play the same set of games every other night. If you are new to this game and are neophobic, you don’t need to worry; it is very easy to learn. This game is based on a rotating wheel like in the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

The giant wheel that is supported on a holder has several numbers printed on it. When the dealer spins the wheel, you need to bet on any number you think will be the winning slot. The wheel has fifty-two spaces on it with the numbers forty, twenty, ten, five, two, and one on them. Since all the numbers are color-coded, you can easily tell them apart. The payout you get when the wheel lands on the number you bet is that amount of money on the wheel times your bet. If you bet $1 on the number ten, you will win $10 if the wheel lands on that number.

Deal or No Deal

2.      Deal or No Deal

People who watch television might be familiar with the game of the same name. You can play it in the online casinos now without the need for appearing on national television. Once you get three gold bars on the reels in the qualifying round, you can spin the reels by paying an additional stake. This game gives the highest prize of 75-500 times the initial bet only when the spins work in your favor, and you could also increase the prize money by an additional 5-50 times your stake by using the ‘Top Up’ option.

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